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"Life offers each of us an opportunity to learn about ourselves, to become more expansive, to open our hearts to our own suffering and the suffering of others. In a very real sense, we can use our life journey to hold ourselves larger, and to emerge at even higher levels of wellness. Healing is the intentionality to do just that."

Patrice Rancour


  • General individual and family counseling 

  • Explorations into Conscious Living and Conscious Dying

  • Non-Medication approaches to Pain and Stress Management

During the current pandemic, all counseling and training services continue to be delivered, albeit remotely. Please contact Patrice for details.


If you are interested in counseling services, please click on counseling tab above for terms of service.

Patrice's first book, Tales from the Pager Chronicles can be ordered by clicking on the book cover.

Her second book, The Pager Chronicles, Volume Two can be ordered by clicking the book cover.

Patrice Rancour The Pager Chronicles 2

Both print and digital versions of Patrice's books are also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, and other book retailers.  

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